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  • Are all D.M.G. watches water resistant?

    Not all D.M.G. watches are water resistant but the vast majority of commercially available D.M.G. watches have basic daily water-resistant function. Their proper use and care are as follows:
    1. The watches are pressure tested for their water-resistant properties in order to determine their depth ratings. The test pressure is indicated in units of pressure, atmosphere (3ATM = 30 meters). However, the water-resistant rating is not a reflection of the actual water depth the watches can be immersed at.
    2. In addition, factors such as motions created in many water activities and external influences were not taken into account during the pressure testing of the watches. These factors may reduce or void the water-resistant properties of the watches.
    3. The watches do not remain water resistant forever because aging of the gaskets or accidental impact onto the crown may also affect the water-resistance of the watches. Therefore, it is very important to test the water resistance of the watch regularly at authorized service center recommended by the manufacturer.
    Water Resistant Ratings and Conditions of Use
    Water Resistance Rating Water Resistance Description Water Resistance Scope
    Level 1 
    3ATM /30M /100
    5ATM /50M /165 Feet
    Up to 30 Meters / 100 Feet 
    Up to 50 Meters / 165 Feet
    Splash/ rain resistant
    Level 2 
    10ATM /100M / 330 Feet 
    20 ATM /200 M / 660 Feet
    Up to 100 Meters / 330 Feet 
    Up to 200 Meters / 660 Feet
    Splash/ rain resistant 
    Swimming in shallow water
    Level 3 
    30 ATM /300 M /1000 Feet
    Up to 300 Meters/1,000 Feet Splash/ rain resistant 
    Swimming in shallow water
    Diving / water sports
    Swimming in the Sea:
    Only watches labeled with a 200 meters water resistance rating can be worn when swimming in the sea. After swimming in the sea, please thoroughly rinse the watch and bracelet with clean water and wipe them dry completely.

    Bathing or Swimming: 
    Watches labeled with a 30 meters water resistance rating can only withstand small water splashes such as from washing your hands. However, they are not suitable for bathing and swimming because bathing and swimming can create an atmospheric pressure greater than 3ATM (the atmospheric pressure at 30 meters water depth), allowing water to penetrate the watch and cause damage to the movement. Therefore, watches labeled with a 30 meters water resistance rating should not be worn when bathing and swimming.

    Environment with Large Temperature Variation: 
    Large temperature difference between inside and outside (for example, large temperature difference between outdoor temperature and room temperature with air conditioning in the summer) can cause the watch to fog up. A hair dryer on medium heat setting can be used to remove the condensation. Set the watch aside overnight before wearing.

    Most water resistant watches are not suitable for use in hot tubs, saunas, or at places with large temperature changes because extreme temperature changes will cause the gasket to expand and contract, inducing a gap in the seal and accelerate the aging of the gasket. Thus, affecting the water resistance of the watch.

    Please pay extra attention to the fact that the crown and pushers of most water resistant watches cannot be pushed, adjusted or pulled out when immersed in water (The position of the crown is as shown in the diagram). In addition, when the crown is not being adjusted, please push the crown all the way in to avoid water from entering the watch.


  • How to use and maintain the watch?

    Eight Daily Maintenance and Usage Precautions
    1. Please do not use the watch (including water resistant watches) in hot tubs, saunas, or at places with large temperature changes.
    2. Please do not operate or adjust the crown and pushers when the watch is immersed in water.
    3. Please clean the straps/ bracelet and the case periodically. As for leather straps, avoid contact with water, moisture, and cosmetics. In addition, avoid exposing the watch in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.
    4. Please avoid exposing the watch to magnetic field such as electrical appliances, cell phones and magnets for an extended period of time.
    5. Please do not disassemble the watch under any circumstances.
    6. Please avoid severe shocks such as dropping the watch on a hard surface.
    7. Please do not set the date between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00a.m. to avoid damaging the watch and causing inaccurate automatic date change.
    8. If it is necessary to adjust the time on the watch, please turn the crown clockwise. Please do not turn the crown counterclockwise (Two-handed quartz watches are the exceptions).
  • How to prolong the life of the clock – (1) Recommended places for the clocks

    Please do not put your clock in the following places to maximize the life of the clock.

    Places with temperature of 50℃ or higher and places with direct heat exposure. (E.g. Outdoors or places near the fire)

    2. Places with temperature of 10℃ or below. (The plastic parts and the battery may deteriorate.)
    3. Places with a lot of dust particles in the air. (The respiratory suspended particulates in the air can get stuck in between the wheels of the movement, causing the clock to stop running or the sound from working.)
    4. Places near strong magnetic field such as large TV sets and stereos. (The clocks may stop, lose or gain time under the influence of strong magnetic field.)

    Places such as a factory or a kitchen that can easily generate oil and gas fumes. (When oil and gas fumes adhere to the wheels of the movement, it will stop the clock from running.)

    6. Resin wall panels or carpets.
    7. For wooden frame clocks, the frame can easily be damaged with continuous use in areas with very dry or very humid air. Temperature of 40℃ or above may also cause spalling of the junction due to thermal expansion.
    Please keep the clock away from the ant trails and places where ants gather to avoid ants from crawling into the movement of the clock.
    Please be mindful of the mounting slot located on the back of the clock and the small gap at the time adjustment knob because ants could enter the movement through these places and stop the clock from running. Placing the clocks at a proper place can effectively prevent ants from entering the movement. When finding a suitable place for the clock, avoid placing them near pillars or on tables with wires in close proximity.


  • How to prolong the life of the clock- (2) Recommendations for mounting the clocks

    Please note the following recommendations when mounting the clock on the wall

    First, determine the clock mounting location and check to see if the wall material and construction are suitable for mounting the clock. Then, select a suitable peg that can withstand the weight of clock.

    2. Once you have hung the clock on the peg, please gently move the clock slightly to the right, left, upward and downward to ensure the clock is centered and securely mounted on the wall.
    3. Be sure to read the manual before using the wooden dowel or gypsum board provided with the package.
      (Note: If the clock is not mounted properly and securely, it may injure people or damage the product when the clock falls. Please take caution when using the product.)
  • How to prolong the life of the clock- (3) Recommended Battery Usage

    Please be sure to follow the instructions listed below on proper battery usage. Improper battery use may result in heating, fracture, or leakage to occur, causing the clock to break down.

    Please insert the battery correctly with respect to their polarity as indicated on the case.

    2. When the expiry date of the battery has passed, please be sure to replace the expired battery with a new one even if it can still power the clock.
    3. Please remove the batteries when the clock is not being used.
    4. If all batteries in a device are not replaced at the same time or are left in the device for an extended period of time, the dead or old batteries may leak. Battery leakage not only creates a mess but it also damages the clock movement.

    The batteries provided in the package are not rechargeable batteries. Thus, do not recharge them to avoid leakage or damage.

    6. When the clock stops running, it may be due to poor battery connection. Please wipe gently with a soft cloth.
    7. The battery life starts depleting when the product is released from the factory. Therefore, the batteries provided by the package may need an early replacement. We recommend that you use zinc-carbon batteries.