A Message from the Founder President

Old Value

Time is money!

New Value

Time is fortune! Time is life!

New Ideology of Life

Fortune is invaluable! Life is irreplaceable! Time is priceless!

New Life Perspective

The trio of fortune, life and time signify the irreplaceable value of life.

New Value of Life

The lives of the richest and poorest individuals are equally precious.

New Philosophy of Joyful Living

In this new era, we need to live with good fortune, joyfulness, and cheerfulness in every moment of our lives, so as to truly live in the moment. We then become someone with good taste and excellent lifestyle, enjoying the essence of quality life.

The Watch Is Not Just a Watch; The Clock Is Not Merely a Clock
The timepieces presented by D.M.G. are more than just a formulaic and standardized instrument. The watch and clock tell us more than time; they uplift our spirits, enrich our minds, and bring beauty and harmony to our lives 365 days a year. Enjoy a life of beauty!