About D.M.G.
D.M.G was founded to promote the ideal of “Universal Family.” The company is also operated based on this vision, and designs products that can bring the ideals and practices of “Universal Family” to everyone.

The Universal Family Watch and Clock are revolutionary creations! The D.M.G. company broke away from a 200-year tradition, and created a new concept in timepieces by using positive, enthusiastic words to replace the numerals ~Fortunate, Joyful, Cheerful, Casual & Elegant, Delightful, Amicable, Bright, Lucky, Guileless, Faithful, Free, Actualized.

No doubt, we all yearn for a bright future of good fortune, joyfulness, and cheerfulness. Our common yearnings are the most significant platform for the formation of a “Universal Family.” Thus, this is what the watches and clocks of D.M.G. are all about.

Universal Family
Wherever we turn, our thinking will imperceptibly be affected by the twelve indicators on the watch and the clock. We are nurtured by the positive inscriptions pertaining to emotion, thoughts and behaviors. People are constantly edified by the concept of global unification. Therefore, the inner mind is subtly influenced, altering those negative thinking and acts. Pessimism, negativity, idleness and withdrawal will gradually be subdued by proactive qualities of optimism, forcefulness, and diligence.

The purpose of this Clock (Watch) is to establish a stepping-stone to global unity. It is only through a united front that humanity will sustain a foreseeable future. Let us confer the viability of mutual survival, shared honour, mutual richness, mutual joy, mutual beatitude, shared awakening, global achievement, shared prosperity, shared ownership and mutual success.

With a broad world view, we are able to stand firm in the forefront of existential evolutionary trend to achieve the most fortunate, cheerful and joyful notions of the Universal Family.