• The Melody of Universal Family Clock in the School Environment
  • Peng Yue Feng, Principle of Luo Fang Elementary School

August 2011 was unforgettable. At the Cross Strait Tri-Regional Nature Joyful Exercise Conference, I had my first glimpse of the Universal Family Clock. I could hardly contain my excitement. The Clock was an expression of creativity and great love of humanity. The concept of living every moment with joy, good fortune, and cheerfulness deeply touched my heart. I wished very much to have such a Clock hung on our school wall. After President Lu, Director Wang, and Director Luo knew about my wish, they brought the Universal Family Clock to the city of Shenzhen in person. As the new semester started, we had two more Clocks in our school environment. Fortune also began to accompany every person in the school.

A week had passed by since the Clocks were hung on the school wall. A grade six student came to tell me how she understood the meaning of the Universal Family Clock. She said, as she woke up every day in the morning, the Clock reminded her that it was a lucky and fortunate moment, a moment full of bright hope. When she arrived at school to prepare for the classes of the day, the Clock reminded her to have faith in herself. It also reminded her to learn with a free and joyful mind, and to learn with delight. When the classes were all over, she was deeply contented for the actualization of her learning targets. In other words, she did every task with joy and delight. She lived each day of her life with a free, casual and elegant heart. To her, every single day was full of fortune, joy, and contentment.

Indeed, our students should all think likewise. As they were experiencing and searching for their own good fortune, they were influencing and passing on the good fortune to each other. We asked the student to share her experiences with the entire school during the flag-raising ceremony on Monday. So that more children would realize that the Universal Family Clocks could change their attitudes and their lives, reminding them of their own good fortune.

Of course, there could be depressing things happening in our lives. But do not let the negative emotions fill our hearts. Oftentimes, I used the Universal Family Clocks to remind our teachers and students that it was a cheerful and amicable moment. So, every one of you was truly fortunate. You were fortunate to be in such a good health condition and be able to learn things in this beautiful school environment. More importantly, we still had families and teachers who loved us so dearly. So, the little obstacle lying ahead was nothing. The challenge shall be overcome. What awaited you were times of bliss and joy. Instead of complaining, we shall spend our time on tasting fortune and creating fortune!

Now, as our students step into the school, the first thing they see is the Universal Family Clock. During the break, as they play in the lobby, they would easily notice the Clock hung above their heads. As the teachers walk through the lobby, they would also see the Clock. Everyone was imperceptibly experiencing good fortune, joyfulness, casual elegance, delight, amicability, brightness, luck, guilelessness, faith, liberation, and actualization. In every minute and every second, the Universal Family Clock gives a hint to people in regards to their spirituality─unsurpassed fortune is at hand, cherish it!