• Universal Family Watch, the Best Thing Ever that Happened to My Family
  • Author: Liang Yan

My second daughter was born with a weak physique and I was constantly worried about her. Her academic pursuit was challenging, but seeking employment after her college graduation proved to be an even harder task. Taiwan has a saying, “Change employers 24 times a year.” She wasn’t successful in many public service examinations, nor was she able to take on various positions primarily because of her poor health conditions. Her siblings were all able to hold their own in their respective careers while she had to stay home. As her self-confidence hit rock bottom, her resentment toward me increased tremendously. Finally, despite her good manners, she lashed out at me one day, shouting, “Give me health! If you had known how I could turn out, you should have strangled that baby to death at birth, so that I could be spared from my current pains!” At that moment, I felt as if thousands of knives had speared through my heart. I said nothing and endured her blames and aggravations. I just didn’t know how I could help her.

In the beginning of the year, my daughter injured her leg because of a car accident. Soon after recovering, she busied herself with a job hunt again. I asked her casually, “What are you busy with?” She retorted “It’s none of your business!” Seeing how she was, I grew even more worried. Suddenly, a thought hit me. I took off the Universal Family watch on my wrist and placed it in her hand. Since she refused to wear it, I placed it in her handbag instead. It didn’t matter if she wore the watch or not. As long as she had it with her, I would feel more at ease. I have heard many miracle stories of the Universal Family watches. Yet, I understand that everyone has their own experiences and affinities. Even though I had wished to experience a miracle myself, my headaches and insomnias remained the same. Despite this, my faith in the Universal Family watches did not waver.

Everyday, I watched my daughter leave home with a somber face, and return home sulking and silent. I was terribly worried! At last, one day, she finally said to me, “Mom, I have officially started working, after passing the most rigorous probation period!”

For Mother’s day this year, my daughter gave me a red packet to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. She added that even though it was a small amount of money, I must definitely accept it because it was the first red packet from her to me. At that moment, a surge of blissfulness rose in my heart! I was relieved to know that the weight in my child’s heart has been resolved and her frustration has been appeased! Facing my child, I couldn’t find words to express myself, except a profound sense of gratitude.

O, thank Heavens, for the incredulous and miraculous Universal Family watch!