• Sending Fortune to Moscow
  • Ting Chun Chou

Universal Family watches are the best tools to spread good fortune, joy, and cheerfulness to families and friends throughout the world. Due to my work, I have come to know customers from different parts of the world and find that regardless of their nationality, language, and cultural backgrounds, they have similar worries. They are always bothered by trivial things in their life; nevertheless, they all yearn for having a joyful life. So when I exchange ideas with my customers at work, I particularly like to talk about Universal Family watches. It is a topic that gives us endless inspirations. After all, talking about fortune is something everyone enjoys doing.

A Russian customer, aged 50, has been given me an impression of being serious and unsmiling. After I sent him the picture of a little Maitreya Universal Family clock, he liked it so much that he told me immediately that he wanted to buy two large Clocks, one for himself and the other for his son. His son's marriage was in trouble, so his son had been really unhappy. This Father thought about his son right away and was eager to bring good fortune to him.

Because Russian customs was very strict, it was not easy to ship goods or products across borders. So without a second thought, I told him that I could bring the Clocks to Moscow in person. These words somehow created ripples of miracles. Not for long, there was a grand exhibition in Moscow. Although my company did not participate, my supervisor had already made plans to go and pay visits to the customers there. Later on, the boss had successfully persuaded my supervisor to let me go along as well. It all went smoothly and I was able to bring the two large Clocks to Moscow without any trouble. I would always remember the smile on my customer's face the moment he saw the Universal Family Clock. The twelve phrases on the Clock seemed to be revealed through his smile. It was then I realized being able to share joy, fortune, and happiness with others can be so touching and heartwarming.

Few months later, the customer came to Taiwan and happily visited the D.M.G. Universal Family Watch and Clock store in Emei, Hsinchu, where we were welcomed by many friendly and smiling faces. We watched a short introduction film on the Universal Family watches and clocks. Without much explanation in words, that heart-moving feelings had deeply touched his heart. He picked a watch and wore it immediately. With a contented smile, he said, “From now on, I will live a happier, a more joyful life each day. I sincerely wish that this energy of good fortune would imperceptibly enter the heart of everyone living in this global village as early as possible.”