• Universal Family

Looking globally, one will realize that daily necessities of people from different origins are similar. Irrespective of race or colour, their cravings for the type of good fortune, cheer and happiness are alike. Different religious groups look for similar spiritual fulfillment. Despite disparate ideals, cultures, folklores, customs and dialects, we have the same urge for good fortune. The yearning for a cheerful, healthy and comfortable lifestyle is the same, regardless of gender, age, wealth, status, intelligence and appearance. Thus, all intended aspirations for fortune, cheerfulness and joy correspond towards the same direction.

We live on the same planet, sharing identical breezy air, warm sunshine and silvery moon. We yearn for a brighter future of good fortune, joyfulness, cheerfulness, casual elegance, delight, amicability, brightness, luck, guilelessness, faith, liberation, and actualization. All these substantiate a sturdy platform for the formation of a “Universal Family.” Thus, this is what the watches and clocks of D.M.G. are all about.