• PUJI TUHAN! Praise God

About how two PAPUA aboriginal people bought the Universal Family watches:
In mid-June, one customer, Deinas Geley, and his companion, Isak, came to Miss Lixin Chen’s store in Indonesia. As they sat down chatting, Lixin regarded Deinas to be a kind and generous person and inquired if he had seen a Universal Family watch before. While speaking, she took out a Universal Family watch and showed it to him. Deinas took the watch, examining it carefully, and said, “PUJI TUHAN (Praise God)! These twelve phrases are brilliant. I have never seen such wonderful phrases before. Now that I have seen it, PUJI TUHAN, would you sell this watch to me?”

Lixin then gave him a small booklet about the Universal Family watches. He read and praised, “PUJI TUHAN! Praise God! This is an awesome watch. Everyone will have a new perspective towards their life, enjoying real fortune. This is impressive!” He kept praising it like that for about an hour or so, and indicated that he wanted to own a Universal Family watch immediately. Lixin asked him to come and get the watch the next day.

The next day, as they wore the watches at once, Deinas said gladly, “We have also worn the watches.” The two looked cheerful. Isak added, “Deinas is now engaging in a lawsuit. His personal safety is of great concern. Also, he is under tremendous pressure. He truly needs the blessings of the Universal Family watch.”

Went to Court with the Watch and Won
Later on, Deinas called and said that recently he had been facing serious matters. His brother was participating in a County Magistrate election, but votes were stolen by his competitor. He came to the court in Jakarta for this particular matter. The chances of winning, he felt, was very small. However, when he wore the Universal Family watch to the court, the court ruled in his favor. For less than a month which he had worn the watch, three challenging and difficult problems were solved easily.

Wearing the Watch Made Him a Kind Person
After he had completed his tasks, he went to the hospital for a health check-up. Unexpectedly, there he met his election opponent. When his report came out, everything was indicated as normal. But his opponent’s report was not looking good. The hospital required him to receive medical treatment immediately. Deinas knew that his opponent had no money at all, so he paid for him and indicated that no repayment was needed. With heartfelt feelings, he commented, “Those who wear Universal Family watches become kind and tender.”

He was deeply thankful to be able to own the Universal Family watch. He said, “Thank you for allowing me to wear the Universal Family watch. I feel cheerful, free, and lucky at this moment. Indeed, those who wear the watches would experience great good fortune. This is the Grace of God to let everyone in this world be happy and fortunate.